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Algae Antiage Cream 50 ml

Algae Antiage Cream 50 ml
Algae Antiage Cream 50 ml
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Blue therapy in the composition of this facial cream, whose main function is to protect the skin from free radicals . Its active ingredients stimulate the mechanism of protection and repair of DNA, also smoothing wrinkles . Algae Antiage Cream has an important protective, restorative and antioxidant action .

Main active ingredients:
Seaweed (Wakame, Nori and Dioscorea) : with reparative, protective and remineralizing properties.
Avocado extract : with nourishing, restorative and soothing properties.
Protective and reconstructive peptide of the extra-cellular matrix.

How to use:
Apply to face, neck and neckline by gentle massage until completely absorbed.