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Oil Clean

Get rid of acne.


Oil Clean is a complete treatment designed to treat and combat the characteristic disorders associated with skin prone to acne and with acne, fats and mixed that manifest annoying and unsightly symptoms.
These types of skin, with specific needs, are the result of the same skin disorder: sebaceous hyperactivation, caused by different factors: hormonal changes, genetics, stress, heat ...

Oil Clean controls and prevents infection, regulates fat production, normalizes pore size, relieves and softens skin texture. Oil Clean cleans, detoxifies and mattifies.


You get a purified skin without pimples or blackheads, pores of smaller size and without shine. It favors a correct cellular renewal.
Oil Clean does not cause the redness, irritation and dryness characteristic of the usual antiacne treatments.


Marine ecosystems are an endless source of resources with ample possibilities for the treatment of skin disorders and conditions, and this is where the main asset of the line, a thiopeptide of marine origin, comes from. Oil Clean is formulated with natural and non-aggressive ingredients for the skin.

- Thiopeptide of marine origin: powerful antibacterial and calming action.
- Tea tree: regulator of sebaceous, antiseptic and balsamic production.
- Burdock extract: with purifying and antibacterial action.



Products you can use at home.
Also as a complement and intended to enhance the results of the treatment with Oil Clean in your beauty center.

One of the essential guidelines to fight acne is hygiene. Désincrustant Gel is a cleaner, regulator, antibacterial and cleansing gel that removes impurities in depth. It purifies and regulates sebaceous secretion and maintains skin hydration. Main active ingredients Burdock extract&nbs..
Ex Tax:24.60€
Facial cleansing pack indicated to remove excess fat as well as tone and moisturize acne-prone skin, with acne, fat and mixed. Purifying Cleasing Pack contains: Desincrustant Gel : descaling cleansing gel with bacterial action. Purifying Tonic Lotion : toning lotion oil free,..
Ex Tax:60.48€
Seborregulatory , purifying and purifying daily treatment cream that also reduces the size of the pores. Purifying Cream is indicated as a daily treatment to counteract the annoying and unsightly symptoms characteristic of acne-prone skin, with acne, fat and m..
Ex Tax:38.75€
Purifying, sebum-regulating mask and with a slight astringent action. Purifying Mask is a perfect mask for its soothing and refreshing power. Main active ingredients: White clay : it is detoxifying by helping to remove impurities from pores. Brewer's yeast : ..
Ex Tax:27.82€
Purifying tonic lotion for mixed skins that regulates oil excess and maintains hydration, its remineralizing, astringent, purifying and healing. Professional use Active principles: Brewer’s yeast, horse tail, fennel and lemon...
Ex Tax:23.95€
Gel oil free without perfume or dyes or silicones. In addition to moisturizing , regenerating and repairing , Real Blood Gel provides an appearance to the skin without glare and with more closed pores. Main active ingredients: Hyaluroni..
Ex Tax:33.67€
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