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With the most advanced and innovative dermatological techniques as a reference, TEGODER COSMETICS has created TDC CLINIK, a range of galenic developments with the purpose of achieving maximum effectiveness in skin care and treatment, which have been exclusively selected for medical-aesthetic professionals .

In TDC Clinik, the latest active ingredients are combined in perfect synergy with natural extracts of proven effectiveness, in order to respond to the needs of the most problematic areas of the skin.

Results of the treatment with TDC Clinik
Dermocosmetic line specifically developed to prepare the skin before subjecting it to aesthetic medical treatments and enhancing the results and maintaining them for a longer time after its completion. The professional will prescribe the most appropriate product depending on the technique applied and the type of skin.

Results of the treatment
The products of this line prepare the skin before the aesthetic medical treatments; and applied after treatments, enhance the results and keep them for longer.

Cream for the care of the periocular area that corrects the imperfections of such a sensitive area, thanks to its high concentration of natural active ingredients. It also incorporates SPF 10, thus avoiding potential damage caused by solar radiation. Main active ingredients: Hyaluronic Acid..
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Face concentrate in emulsion of proteoglycans, collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin, capable of guaranteeing optimal levels of hydration, attenuate wrinkles, protect from oxidative stress and with redensifying action. Glycan Concentrate brings comfort, smoothness and luminosity. Active ingr..
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Pure hyaluronic acid gel at 1% and seawater, integrated application, which combat the signs of the aging and sagging skin patents contour eyes and lips, face and neck. Sealuronic Gel is moisturizing, repairing, redensifying and reduces expression lines and wrinkles. ..
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