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Whitening Lux


Luminous and spotless skin

The formation of skin spots is related to various causes: hormonal disorders, sun exposure, taking medications, the passage of time ... Whitening Lux contains active ingredients based on cosmetogenomics that act in the cell nucleus to correct the appearance of spots by hyperpigmentation and prevent future spots . It is a lightening and regenerating treatment , which gives the skin a uniform and luminous tone .

Whitening Lux treatment result

luminous skin with a uniform tone and without spots is achieved thanks to the incorporation of innovative ingredients based on cosmetogenomics , cosmetic science that links the effect of active ingredients with the behavior of genes .
This treatment allows to take care of the skin throughout the year : in autumn and winter it treats the spots intensively and during the spring and summer it maintains the results.

Main active ingredients

The Whitening Lux line is based on cosmetogenomics to effectively treat the loss of luminosity and the appearance of spots on the skin, by incorporating in its products a genoblanqueante and illuminating peptide , accompanied by other active ingredients of long trajectory and backed by its good results : alpha and polyhydroxy acids , retinol , vitamin C , glabridin , glycyrrhetic acid, arbutin, vitamin B 3 and chlorella bioferment and white lupine proteins .



Products you can use at home.
Also as a complement and intended to enhance the results of treatment with Whitening Lux in your beauty center.

Whitening and illuminating facial cream day and night, which works 24 hours to fight against the presence of spots and improve the appearance of dull, dull, lightless and vitality-free skin. Main active ingredients A genoblanqueante and illuminating peptide , accompanied by other long-..
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Innovative dermoexfoliating facial foam with AHA´s (Alpha Hydroxy Acids), whitening and brightening. For use on alternate days and suitable for all skin types, Whitening Lux Foam effectively reduces and unifies skin tone, fights stains and provides great luminosity, while el..
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