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Men Skin Care

Although the skin of men ages later than that of women, when the first signs of aging appear they do so much more dramatically.
The key is prevention . Therefore, in addition to daily hygiene care with a soft shave and an after shave that soothes irritated skin , the Men Skin Care line also includes special eye contour care , extraordinarily delicate face area, and care of the skin of the face and neck , acting from several fronts to delay the appearance ofsigns of aging .

A studied selection of assets that guarantee the contribution of all the nutrients that the skin needs, to maintain the ideal conditions that delay aging to the maximum With Men Skin Care the skin is more hydrated, nourished and wrinkles and expression lines are softened.

After-shave balm restructuring and repairing that leaves skin soft, revitalized and calm. Main active ingredients: Allantoin: it is used for skin protection and has restorative properties after shaving. Aloe Vera: It stands out for its restorative properties. Silk pr..
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Specific serum for the eye contour, formulated with active ingredients that act in synergy, providing a three-in-one action: drains the eye bags , smoothes wrinkles and brightens dark circles . Main active ingredients: Vitamins (C, E and F): anti..
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Multifunctional balm of global facial care due to its complete formulation with 9 main active ingredients enriched with a cocktail of 6 vitamins. Anti-aging, moisturizing, nourishing, repairing and with a filling effect, Multi-active Balsam allows effective daily care. Main ac..
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Shaving cream suitable for all skin types even the most sensitive that achieves a perfect shave without irritating the skin. Shaving Cream is more of a shaving cream, it is regenerating, nourishing, soothing and promotes healing . Main active ingredients: Shea butter:&nb..
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