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Perfect Skin

Sensitive skin


Facial care for sensitive, reactive or stressed skin that enhances the skin's defense system.


The main assets of the line are: Iron, with oxygenating action that favors tissue oxygenation and cellular activator that activates cellular metabolism. Germanium, with antioxidant action and that maintains elasticity. Potassium, with moisturizing action that balances the level of water in the tissues and regulates the transfer of nutrients. Magnesium, restructuring that maintains the structural and functional integrity of the tissues. And the silicon, restructuring that maintains a regular order between the collagen and elastin fibers of the connective tissue.


- All skin types except oily skin
- Dehydrated
- Intoxicated
- Stressed
- Reactive
- Sensitive
- First wrinkles
- Fight against skin stress and cell oxidation
- Increases defenses in cases of sensitive or reactive skin
- Deeply moisturizes
Concentrated facial serum with energizing and restorative action. How to use: Apply to clean skin, avoiding the eye contour. Then apply Perfect Skin I Mineral Cream...
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Cleansing milk that enhances the skin's defenses. How to use: apply a small amount on the skin, massage with circular movements for three or four minutes and remove with warm water. Complete hygiene with Perfect Skin Tonic Lotion...
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Daily treatment cream for stressed, dehydrated and reactive skin. Main active ingredients : Iron, germanium, potassium, magnesium, silicon. How to use: Apply daily on clean skin with a gentle massage until completely absorbed. To enhance the treatment, it is recommended to previous..
Ex Tax:43.35€
Tonic lotion that regulates the essential functions of the skin. How to use: Apply with a cotton on face and neck after Perfect Skin Cleansing Milk...
Ex Tax:22.50€
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